This home was built in three stages in the classic New England mode of out-buildings/barn spaces attached to living spaces. Stage   1   was   a   24’   X   36’   insulated one-bedroom,     cathedral     ceilinged living     space     with     a     ventilating, lookout   cupola   over   an   uninsulated garage and workspace. Stage   2   added   a   one   story   24’   X   36’ saltboxed   garage   ell   to   the   east   with an      uninsulated      breakfast      porch added    to    the    second    floor    living space. Stage    3     was    an    open    plan,    three level   addition   to   the   west   and   north, spatially   conceived   as   a   grove   of   trees.   This   stage   was   built   with   the   same locally-sourced   rough-sawn   one   and   two   inch   boards   and   using   the   same simple   tools   as   were   the   more   conventional   stages   1   and   2.   Stage   3   also included   a   loft,   added   to   the   original   stage   1   living   space.   The   roof   framing and   structural   sheathing   is   exposed   with   the   insulation   on   the   up-side,   as   in timber   frame   buildings.   The   ground   floor   slab   is   radiant-heated   and   finished with   hand-split   Monson   slate,   thin   tailings   of   which   are   used   to   finish   the kitchen   counters.   All   interior   finished   are   rough   cut   full   dimension   or   planed boarding from locally sourced species: pine, spruce, hemlock and cedar.
Rothrock House, Thorndike ME
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Stage 1, 1988
Stage 2, 1994
Stage 3, 2000-02
Completed Project